Landscape Planning

The Development Team engaged MJS Landscape Architecture to put together an inviting and environmentally thoughtful landscape plan, complete with several well-appointed courtyards, retaining the mature trees,  and a resort-like rooftop amenity deck that will complement the community. MJS Landscape Architecture is committed to providing the highest level of professional Landscape Architectural and Planning design services in developing viable and site appropriate solutions for the enhancement of life, while understanding, respecting and preserving natural systems and the environment.

The project will implement a variety of sustainable landscape design techniques to lessen the environmental impact of the development.  The planting has been selected to minimize water usage, comply with non-invasive species lists and create an attractive environment enhancing the quality of life among its resident and neighbors.  Plants will be grouped together based on water requirements and exposure, this will minimize the irrigation demand in order to save water.  The irrigation system will implement the latest technology for water conservation and distribution including a “smart” controller that can adjust the watering based on real time weather information. 


rooftop deck

The expansive rooftop deck will feature the Spa Terrace with a 12' x 13' spa with water effects, our Group Cabanas with chevron wood tile and lush trees, the Pool Deck with a 20' x 52' pool, shade umbrellas, a sunning lawn, the Billiard Lawn with billiard table, synthetic turf, overhead festival lighting, shade trees, the Outdoor Living Room with a 3 sided fireplace, metal overhead structure, sectional seating, and accent tile carpet, Al Fresco Dining with tables and bench seating, a fully furnished Outdoor Kitchen with a sit up counter and communal table, the Fireside Lounge,  and our Fitness Deck featuring a rock climbing wall, synthetic turf and ficus hedging. 


Main Street Entrance 

The Main Street Entrance will feature enhanced paving, accent trees and extensive pottery to welcome the guests and residents of Magnolia at the Park. 


COUrtyard 6

Courtyard 6 will have a Sunning Lawn with turf, cabanas and lounge furniture and an Outdoor Dining area with a communal dining table, accent tile rug, overhead festival lights, bbq counter and mature olive trees. 


courtyard 1

Located on the northeastern portion of the property, Courtyard 1 will be home to our Wellness Center, the Karensansui Garden with lush landscape and a Japanese rock garden, and the Zen Garden with beautiful specimen trees, water feature and a Massage Cabana.


Courtyard 3

Courtyard 3 will feature the Private Dining area with lounge furniture, a gathering table, wood tile, a shade trellis, and the Backyard appointed with oversized lounge furniture, a trellis with pendant lighting, and decomposed granite paving. 


Courtyard 4

Courtyard 4 will be home to our ground floor 16' x 42' Pool Deck with lounge seating, the Spa Terrace with a 9' x 12' spa with water effects, lounge seating and enhanced paving, and our Entertainment Terrace with dining table, bbq counter, shade trellis with pendant lighting, accent tile rug and a fireplace.



courtyard 2

Courtyard 2 will be home to the Outdoor Dining Room with a dining table, bbq counter, shade trellis with pendant lighting, accent tile rug and an evergreen tree background. Courtyard 2 also features the Hang Out zone, with a firepit, hanging chairs, and decomposed granite paving.



courtyard 5

Courtyard 5, facing Edgewood on the western edge of the property, will feature the Firepit Lawn with a firepit, turf, decorative paving, and lounge seating. 



Access to the Park Santiago Package and Amazon Locker Room will be located on Edgewood Road, with easy and convenient parking for the Park Santiago visitors. Located nearby is the Bike Shop and the Magnolia resident Mail Center.

Courtyard 7

Located on the northern edge of the property along the park, this courtyard will be home to The Hub -- an outdoor kitchen with a sit up counter, TVs, a dining table, lounge furniture and shade trees -- the Social Lawn with turf,  movie night, hanging daybeds, olive trees and lounge chairs, a Firepit Terrace with large sectional seating, firepit, and the Game Terrace with festival lighting, bbq counter, painted shuffleboard and a lounge lawn.